Agyle Intelligence Webinar with Troy Lenahan from Eden Valley

Agyle Intelligence Webinar with Troy Lenahan from Eden Valley

In our recent webinar, David McNally of Agyle Intelligence and Troy Lenahan of Eden Valley discussed the benefits and journey of digital transformation in the food industry.

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Key Highlights:

1. Introduction and Background:

  • David McNally, CEO of Agyle Intelligence, and Troy Lenahan, Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement at Eden Valley, shared insights on their decade-long partnership.
  • Agyle Intelligence, founded in 2017, offers digital transformation solutions that streamline data collection and processing.

2. Digital Transformation Benefits:

  • Agyle’s solutions have improved data accuracy and accessibility, transforming manual data entry into automated processes.
  • Eden Valley uses Agyle’s tools for complete traceability, from animal welfare data collection to real-time operational metrics.
  • Digital transformation has streamlined audits, reducing time and improving compliance with regulatory bodies like the CFIA.

3. Cultural Impact:

  • Emphasizing the importance of engaging all employees in the digital transformation journey, Troy highlighted how building trust and involving staff in the process led to widespread adoption and continuous improvement.
  • Eden Valley’s use of real-time data and visual dashboards has enhanced operational efficiency and fostered a culture of accountability and engagement.

4. Success Metrics:

  • Since implementing Agyle Intelligence, Eden Valley has saved over $12 million through improved project efficiencies.
  • Real-time data collection and alerts have significantly reduced downtime and improved decision-making speed.

5. Future Vision:

  • Both David and Troy discussed future enhancements, including integrating more automated data collection through sensors and expanding digital tools to cover more operational areas.
  • The continuous evolution of digital solutions aims to further improve efficiency, safety, and profitability.

David and Troy encouraged other businesses to explore digital transformation and offered tours of Eden Valley to showcase their success. The session emphasized that digital transformation is not just about technology but about enhancing the overall business culture and processes.

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