Agyle Intelligence at the Seafood Innovation Summit

Agyle Intelligence at the Seafood Innovation Summit

In this interview from the Seafood Innovation Summit in Newfoundland, our very own David McNally shares how Agyle Intelligence can drive efficiency and success in the seafood industry.

At Agyle Intelligence, we automate data collection to provide faster, smarter decisions. Our dashboard integrates data from various sources, automating alerts, reports, and visualizations. This helps businesses of all sizes—from billion-dollar enterprises to small operations—enhance efficiency and profitability.

Our versatile clipboard app digitizes manual processes, making data capture easy and efficient. This has transformed audits into smooth, stress-free experiences, impressing auditors and building better relationships.

We’re passionate about helping businesses with a lean mindset and a focus on continuous improvement. By using our tools, seafood companies can streamline operations, reduce waste, and increase profits.

Watch the video to learn more!

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