Frequently Asked Questions

Agyle can help you digitize any use case where you want answers and reports faster from anyone, anywhere and at anytime in your operation, organization or supply chain.

Yes.  If there is a Unique Identifier (Lot ID, PO, BOL Item Name etc…) to join the data, generally, then Agyle can correlate it into a meaningful and accessible real-time automated report.

Yes and No.  Agyle provides an App called the Agyle Clipboard App, but this is only used to answer the digitized forms questions and send it to the Agyle Intelligence Reporting Dashboard where all the trends, reports and excel databases can be accessed.

Any Web-Browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox for example.  Login with a dedicated username and password at dashboard.agyleintelligence.com

Any Android device operating a minimum version 5.0 Lollipop or above, and any Apple device running 8.0 or above.

Yes, if you had previously logged in with a successful connection and can access your sheets and questions – you can answer them, and they will be cached for future download once you come back in range.  During offline cache mode, the real-time alerts, completions and reporting tools will be restricted, but will be uploaded once a successful connection is made thereafter.

The data is saved and organized into a database where reports are generated in real-time, therefore optimizing your organization’s responses, communications and profits.

If your user has access to the dashboard, then you can login and see your visuals and reports directly from your mobile device.  You can find the dashboard via our website www.agyleintelligence.com or access it directly via dashboard.agyleintelligence.com.

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