Agyle Intelligence

98% faster access to collected data

Stop waiting, wondering and asking where your critical data is, let Agyle tell you. Agyle automates access to critical context, delivering visualizations and optimized reports instantly, whenever you need it, anytime.

Context Matters

Faster context, faster decisions. Waiting for manually collected data is slow and often lacking the context required to make informed decisions.

Fast ROI

Simple to deploy and easy to use.

Fill Gaps

Connecting throughout your operation and supply chain.

Unlimited Access

Scale when you need to, with no user restrictions.


Automate manual processes as a stand-alone or added value IoT solution.

Becoming Agyle

Becoming Agyle provides instant access to reports, visualizations and trends from any manually collected data across your organization, delivered when you need it.


Publish & Launch

Sign into our management dashboard from any web-browser to create your first form and publish it to dedicated team members.

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Collect Data on Mobile

Download the Agyle Clipboard App onto any iOS or Android Device to automate data collection.

Download Agyle Clipboard for iOS on the App Store Download Agyle Clipboard for Android on the Google Play Store


Instant Insights

As forms are submitted, instantly see trends, visuals and reports become live on your dashboard. These are automatically delivered to management at anytime and from anywhere, or anyone on your team!