About Agyle

Agyle Intelligence is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for operations, organizations, and supply chains across Atlantic Canada and beyond. Our cloud-based Business Intelligence dashboard helps automate the creation and delivery of instant insights, trends, reports and exportable files in real-time through three IoT based methods:

  1. Mobile Based Digitized Forms – Digitize any paper-based process and Go Paperless with the Agyle Clipboard App, available on any Android or Apple mobile device and through any web-browser.  Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime with a login can sign-in, launch the sheet, answer the questions and submit the answers directly to your teams while automating reports at the same time in one step.
  2. Importing CSV Data – Upload any CSV based file and instantly make reviewing the data more meaningful and actionable.
  3. Extract-Transfer-Load – Let’s discuss how you can pull your Agyle data into your existing database or reporting engine.

Agyle has been collaborating with each client since 2017 to understand their unique challenges and goals and to ensure the solution matches their operation needs. We are proud to say we developed Agyle in partnership with industry, listening to feedback, delivering on requests, and building features that achieve real-world results.
With Agyle, we fit into your processes seamlessly, with little to no interruption or difficult changes for your team. You can deploy simple solutions within minutes and transform how you capture knowledge from across your operation almost instantly upon sign up.
The Agyle team consists of data lovers, innovative thinkers, problem solvers, challenge seekers and solution developers with a mix of experience and skills.

How Does Agyle Help?

Our customers want to access the knowledge and reports that are hidden in their operation or supply chain.

They are proactive and believe in continuous improvement. They want real-time answers, trends, alerts, and reports for critical events from their teams. They also want to adjust quickly and easily when necessary and have confidence that their team has the right tools and guidance for every task they perform.

We help them achieve that goal by providing a simple digitization platform that easily integrates into their processes and delivers powerful, meaningful, and reliable information from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

They can eliminate the waste of waiting for answers by 98%; automating access to rapid reporting and visualizations from anyone, anywhere, anytime in doing so.

Customers get the answers they need to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve stakeholder goals ranging from sustainability to profitability and more.