Video from Innovation PEI

Video from Innovation PEI

In this video, David McNally, CEO of Agyle Intelligence, shares the company’s mission to help businesses digitally transform their operations. Agyle’s goal is to enable faster decision-making through automated reports and efficient data collection.

Kildare Fisheries, a long-standing family business in Prince Edward Island is one of their success stories. Founded 30 years ago, Kildare Fisheries has evolved into a comprehensive seafood operation. Colin Rayner from Kildare Fisheries highlights how Agyle has revolutionized their data collection process, providing complete control over operations from the fishing vessel to shipping.

David emphasizes the advantages of being based in PEI, citing the strong focus on the food industry and the support from Innovation PEI. Agyle’s solutions have helped local businesses streamline their processes, demonstrating the potential for growth and innovation on the island.

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