Agyle Intelligence’s Recent Events: Strengthening Partnerships and Driving Innovation

Agyle Intelligence’s Recent Events: Strengthening Partnerships and Driving Innovation

At Agyle Intelligence, we are committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the industry. Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of participating in several key events that highlight our dedication to these values. Here’s a recap of our recent activities and engagements:

Collaboration with The Tessera Group and MD Packaging

In our continuous effort to expand our network and collaborate with industry leaders, we recently had an insightful meeting with Jaime Alboim, President of The Tessera Group and CEO of MD Packaging. This engagement provided a platform to discuss the latest trends in packaging technology and explore potential synergies between our organizations. Jaime’s expertise and vision align perfectly with our mission at Agyle Intelligence, and we are excited about the possibilities of future collaborations.

Lean and Continuous Improvement with Zenkai Improvement Partners

We also had the honor of connecting with David Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder of Zenkai Improvement Partners, and Sensei Akinori Hyodo from the GPS Training Facility. This meeting was an incredible opportunity to delve into the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Sensei Hyodo’s deep knowledge and practical insights into lean methodologies were truly inspiring. At Agyle Intelligence, we are always looking for ways to integrate these principles into our solutions to help our clients achieve operational excellence.

Networking and Learning at CME-NS Events

Our team had the pleasure of attending multiple events hosted by CME-NS, where we engaged with industry peers and leaders. Pictured above are David Fitzpatrick, myself, Sensei Hyodo, Michel Raymond (CME-NS), Troy Lenihan (Senior Director at Eden Valley Poultry), and Alex Mihara (CME-NS). These events provided invaluable opportunities to exchange ideas, share best practices, and build strong relationships with other industry professionals.

Speaking Engagements at LeanCon

One of the highlights of our recent activities was my speaking engagement at LeanCon, hosted by CME-NS. It was an honor to share our insights on digitization and its impact on operational efficiency with a diverse audience of industry professionals. The event was a fantastic platform to discuss how Agyle Intelligence’s solutions can drive competitive advantage through digital transformation. Engaging with the audience and receiving their feedback was incredibly rewarding and reinforced our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Looking Ahead

These events underscore Agyle Intelligence’s dedication to being at the forefront of industry innovation and collaboration. By engaging with thought leaders and participating in key industry events, we are not only expanding our network but also enhancing our solutions to better serve our clients. We look forward to more such opportunities to learn, share, and grow together with our partners and clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on our activities and engagements. Together, we are building a smarter, more efficient future for the industry.

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