PEI Business Spotlight: Agyle Intelligence and Kildare Fisheries

PEI Business Spotlight: Agyle Intelligence and Kildare Fisheries

Agyle Intelligence is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for operations, organizations, and supply chains across Atlantic Canada and beyond.  Agyle Intelligence works closely with their customers to understand their unique challenges and goals and to ensure the solution matches their operation needs. Their Cloud-based Business Intelligence dashboard helps automate the creation and delivery of instant insights, trends, reports and exportable files in real-time, helping organizations make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Collin Rayner, Kildare Fisheries and David, McNally, Agyle Intelligence

David McNally is the Founder and CEO of Agyle Intelligence, and he currently operates his company remotely in Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island. With 20 years of experience in project management, strategic planning, and automation solutions, and help from Innovation PEI’s Web Presence Assistance and Capital Assistance programs, David is growing his business right here in Prince Edward Island and across Canada.

Learn about how PEI-based company Kildare Fisheries uses Agyle Intelligence to digitize their operation across the value chain.

Watch the video below to learn more about Agyle Intelligence and Kildare Fisheries.


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