Agyle Solves Problems

We designed the solution with industry to solve real world problems. Here is a sample of some of the many use cases we have solved for customers like you.

98% Faster Data Drives Reports And Decisions

Problem:  Waiting for manual data is a time consuming process that slows down decisions and affects many areas of your data collection process.

Solution: Becoming Agyle has been proven to provide the intelligence your team needs to make trusted decisions 98% faster than traditional manual processes making your meetings more engaging and meaningful.

What can this mean for your organization?  Becoming Agyle means no more waiting for critical data and Key Performance Metrics to drive discussions.  With Agyle, you can receive the intelligence you want, instantly in one simple step, to truly drive continuous improvement and eliminate waste in your communication chain.

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Rapid Context Helps Identify $MM In Annual Continuous Improvement Savings

Problem:  Identifying and tracking opportunities for savings can be challenging.  Often times after-the-fact investigation leads to finger-pointing and unclear context to rely on.

Solution: Becoming Agyle has contributed to customers identifying $MM in annual continuous improvement savings across their operations and supply chain.  The crystal ball of aggregated intelligence provided with Agyle helps your organization dig into root cause faster and the context from those critical events becomes more powerful when it is available at the touch of a button.

What can this mean for your organization?  Becoming Agyle can have an immediate impact on your profitability.  With ROI being achieved in less than 40 days, the payback is fast and the adoption through your team is rapid.

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Current Infrastructure Is Not Meeting Our Needs 

Problem:  Organizations spend $MM’s on expensive ERP, MES or other automation solutions that still leave gaps in the communication chain and do not offer a path towards full paperless sustainability.

Solution: Becoming Agyle helps fill the gaps in current installs by automating the remaining data collection needs.  Filling those gaps provides a true paperless experience and quickly correlates data for more trusted intelligence, without needing to hire third party engineers, consultants and data analysts just to obtain value from your purchase.

What can this mean for your organization?  Becoming Agyle allows you to deploy to anyone, anywhere, anytime to fill any gaps that may exist across your organization or supply chain to compliment your current infrastructure.  With our proven solution you can fill gaps and become paperless, with some customers saving over 60,000 sheets in one year alone.

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