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With Agyle, contact tracing has never been easier. Our Clipboard APP provides instant access to reports, trends and alerts captured by your team during employee or customer health checks, visitor sign-ins and other use cases where questions require answers for decision makers.

 If you seek more automated solutions for tracking interactions, degree of seperations and more insights, then reach out to discuss Bluetooth enabled solutions you can deploy to your teams or visitors.  Agyle’s BLE solution allows you to collect each and every contact event with those who come within the set range you choose when a device is present via a wearable or other mounting option.  Bluetooth offers a wide range options and designs, however the Agyle Watch contact tracing solution is designed to meet the needs of any organization requiring instant, real-time reporting and trends to ensure the safety of their customers, suppliers and employees.  With two-way communication, the Agyle Watch offers an affordable, manageable and scalable option for any size business or organization.

Whether you want the simplicity and rapid deployment of the Clipboard APP or the automation and scalability of the Agyle Watch, each will come with a searchable, drill down, KPI enabled dashboard that will show reports, trends and visualizations of the insights you need to stay safe and compliant.

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Contact Tracing & Device Management

Contact Tracing

Rapidly deploy health related forms and capture compliant data on visitors, customers, employees and more.  Respond immediately with automated reports and instant insights viewable on your dashboard, email or mobile options.


Agyle Clipboard APP can be loaded onto any Android or Apple mobile device, or accessed via a web-browser on any PC, Laptop or Smart Screen.

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