Stop waiting for answers!

Digitally transform and streamline how your operation, organization or supply chain captures data and delivers reports to speed up decision making and meet requirements!

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Why waste time waiting for answers?

Why wait for meaningful and accountable manual data? Automate the process with Agyle for faster decision-making, higher profitability and less waste.

Agyle Clipboard Mobile App

Simple to use and deploy to any user, any where, any time for instant results and answers.

CSV Import

Upload data from other sources and unlock hidden insights for better decision making.

Agyle Clipboard Web-Browser App

Scale throughout departments, operations and supply chains on mobile or with the web-app.

API, ETL, IoT or custom integrations

It’s your data and Agyle makes it easier for you to integrate or extract as needed.

In one step, eliminate the waste in waiting and duplicating data with 98% faster answers and automated reports from any one, any where, any time.

Exceed Goals By Becoming Agyle!

Set up your Lean/CI teams for success with quick and easy answers to help identify opportunities for savings!

Empower your Leads with answers that inform decisions now, for faster responses today, not tomorrow!

Exceed profits, reduce waste and achieve sustainability goals with one simple solution!

Eliminate the Waste!
Stop waiting for answers!
Stop duplicating entries!

Automate the reporting and reviewing process in one step, for more profits and less waste!

Faster ROI

98% faster access to answers, trends and reports provides an immediate ROI.

Unlimited Users

Deploy to any user, any where, any time without restrictions as needed to suit your goals.

Unlimited No-Code Forms

Scale throughout departments, operations and supply chain anytime you want.


Enhance current processes and investments as a stand-alone solution or added value.

Publish & Launch

Sign in to our management dashboard from any web browser to create your first no-code form and publish it to team members.

Collect Data on Mobile

Download the Agyle Clipboard App onto any iOS or Android Device to automate data collection.  You can also use the Web-App!

Instant Insights

Instantly as forms are submitted trends, visuals and reports become live on your dashboard and are automatically delivered to management any time, from any where or any one on your team.

Agyle Solves Problems

We designed the solution with industry to solve real-world problems. Here is a sample of some of the many use cases we have solved for customers like you.

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